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Dr. Scott Ries, MD
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Join our encouraging Facebook community as we set aside five days in the pursuit of your health.
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Join our encouraging Facebook community as we set aside five days in the pursuit of your health.
Step 1/2: Of all the challenges below, which one is your BIGGEST struggle with losing weight?
Here’s what other members are saying....
"an encouraging loving giving group..."
"Love the support..."
“'re not alone...”
“I'm so excited...” 
"I feel less bloated, have more energy..."
“The information is truly life changing.” 
“I love how sincere and caring Dr. Ries is.” 
Dr Ries’ No-Cost Steps Are For You, If You: 
  • Find old eating habits come back after trying something new
  •  Are post-menopause and your energy level is very low
  •  Struggle to exercise because you're too busy or injured
  •  Feel deprived and get cravings for sweets, sodas and carbs
  •  Are tired of losing the pounds and then gaining it all back again
  •  Ask yourself “What do I need to do to keep it off...for good!?”
Join 1000’s of encouraging people, as we set aside 5 days in the pursuit of your health, energy and well being. 
About Your Accelerator Host
Dr. J. Scott Ries is a board certified Family Medicine and Emergency Medicine physician, and founder of iFactor Health. His career has spanned academic, research, and clinical responsibilities over his 20 years of helping patients pursue their best possible health.

He has compiled years of experience, research, and insight into an easy to understand, program called The iFactor Journey which helps people pursue healthier habits. Thousands have benefited from his coaching.
Along with his wife, Jodi, and their three kids, Dr. Ries is passionate about serving the poor and those who are less fortunate through international medical missions.
He has traveled across the world, leading hundreds of doctors, students, and even non-medical people to discover the joy of serving and blessing others.

Here’s what you’ll experience during your
FREE 5-Day Weight Loss Accelerator

Day 1: Your Drink Downfall 

Discover your Drink Downfall, and take the first Challenge step!

Day 2: The “Diet” Danger

Find out the surprising facts about how diet drinks undermine your health, and then dive into Challenge #2!

Day 3: The Healthiest Drinks For 2018 

Explore the healthiest drinks for lifelong success, with a big step in Challenge #3!

Day 4: Dare To Drink

Challenge Day #4 is a game changer for your weight loss!

Day 5: Bulletproof Your Weight Loss Habits

Keep your momentum going, while feeling great as you wrap up with Challenge #5!
Ready to Join The Free 5-Day Weight Loss Accelerator?
Frequently Asked Questions
Do I have to buy anything?
There are no additional fees, no hidden fees and no obligations to continue after the 5 days. 
What happens after the 5 days?
The goal of this 5-day Accelerator is to jumpstart sustainable weight loss in the pursuit of better health. Pending availability, Dr. Scott may offer access to his premium course for those who wish to continue under his guidance. For the sake of clarity, there is no obligation to continue after the 5-day Weight Loss Accelerator.  
Is this a big sales pitch?
The 5-day Weight Loss Accelerator Challenge is designed to work with whatever health plan you're currently on and accelerate those results. The advice Dr Scott gives is as a doctor, however he is not your doctor. Prior to making any changes to your health plan, we recommend consulting your physician.
What is my iFactor exactly?
Your iFactor represents the response of insulin in your body. Insulin is a natural, necessary hormone that helps your body process sugars and carbohydrates. The problem in our culture is that our diet has led our organs and tissues becoming resistant to insulin—causing a high iFactor. The higher your iFactor, the more resistance you have to insulin, the more you will gain weight, and the harder it is to lose. By fixing your iFactor, you can restore your normal insulin function, lose weight...and KEEP IT OFF.
Who leads the daily iFactor sessions?
Dr. Ries will be guiding you daily with a challenge in the morning followed by a LIVE Q&A in the afternoon helping to ensure your success in fixing your iFactor to achieve the weight and health you have been hoping for.
When will I have access to the iFactor Accelerator?
Your iFactor experience will begin as soon as you register! You will receive an email from Dr Ries with all the instructions needed to get started on this life changing experience. The kick-off for the course is August 24 and continues until August 28, however you'll have a chance to get to know Dr Ries and your fellow iFactor participants prior to the start of the 5-day course. 
Can’t I just purchase a book and figure this out myself?
Don't underestimate the high cost of failure with that approach. The support of a live program and caring community can make a massive difference. In addition to bringing the cost down, it still allows me to answer your questions, and has opened up the ability to offer a support group of others to also encourage you on your journey. 
Can you explain what's included? 
The FREE accelerator includes your workbook, daily challenges, daily live Q&A, a wildly encouraging community, a chance to win prizes and giveaways. In comparison, a 15-20 minute visit with Dr Ries would cost you $120.

There is no catch. Dr. Ries wants to make an impact in the lives of many who desire better health. If you decide to continue the journey and join his premium program you can, however it's 100% optional. 
How much weight should I expect to lose?
Each person will vary in the amount and speed of weight loss. The important thing is not how fast you lose weight...but how well you fix your iFactor. 
Will I have to exercise with the iFactor program?
While exercise is indeed an important part of healthy living over the long is not necessary for effective weight loss. In fact, if you start an exercise program at the same time you start modifying your eating patterns, you may actually increase your chance of failure! Once your iFactor has begun to correct, we recommend very basic, achievable activity as a supplement. But not at first.
I already have diabetes. It is too late for me to fix my iFactor?
No! While you are further down the iFactor dysfunction road, you are not without hope! Diabetes, in many people, is indeed reversible. If you control your diabetes with diet alone, no problem. You will just join like everyone else. If you are on medication or insulin injections, I strongly recommend you discuss with your doctor your desire to take the iFactor journey. Explain to her or him that the iFactor Plan is not a severe calorie restriction, but rather a dietary lifestyle modification with expected gradual, sustainable weight loss. They will advise you on specific blood sugar monitoring and any medication adjustments needed. And they will probably be thrilled with your progress!
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